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FM Global: the standard in property protection

At FM Global, we are committed to delivering unmatched products and seamless service for clients on a worldwide basis. We offer comprehensive insurance products, as well as exceptional property loss-prevention engineering, risk management services, proactive claims, and nearly two centuries of experience to help you reduce or eliminate key exposures and quantify the financial benefits of your programme.

WorldReach®: we've got you covered

FM Global's Worldreach® capabilities ensure clients benefit from consistent loss prevention and risk transfer solutions across their global property programmes.

Through WorldReach®, FM Global coordinates all the underwriting, loss prevention and claims services your company requires. This combination of services, delivered seamlessly around the globe, ensures your property insurance and protection needs are fully met. And, we keep it simple: all these products and services are available to our clients through a single point of contact.

Comprehensive insurance cover

Insurance cover

Our worldwide cover capabilities in commercial property insurance help protect your company's assets and ensure business continuity. » more

Industry leading loss prevention

Loss prevention

Our loss prevention engineers identify vulnerabilities and make plans to reduce or eliminate them before a loss occurs. » more

Effective risk management

Risk management services

FM Global offers a variety of risk management services designed to identify and address property risks worldwide and support broader, enterprise risk management objectives. » more

Effective risk management

Claims handling

Through a single point of contact, FM Global delivers timely and uniform claims adjustment services anywhere in the world, to get you back in business. » more

Effective risk management

Product certification and testing

FM Global offers product certification and testing services that conform to the highest national and international standards. » more