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The FM Global Advantage® All-Risk Policy

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FM Global Advantage 2016 Policy Enhancements

See how FM Global has broadened coverage in critical risk areas, such as cyber and communicable disease, and combined other policy features for a seamless client experience.


The all-risk FM Global Advantage® policy, backed by large, stable capacity, is a superior insurance product designed to help your business remain resilient. With our standard policy, you’ll find unrivalled value in our expanded cyber coverage to support your reliance on off-premises data or “cloud” services, as well as coverage for business interruption loss and costs to clean up your facility if it shuts down due to the presence of communicable disease. At the same time, you’ll benefit from simplified coverage for miscellaneous-type property, which improves your contract certainty and maximises risk transfer.

Grounded in Engineering, Designed Around You
As an FM Global client, you get an insurance policy based on engineering and research, not just on actuarial formulas. If you need the ability to scale policy options to fit your actual properties and exposures, you’ll appreciate our Business Interruption Coverage. It protects against loss of income following a disaster, wherever you operate, or however indirect your connection to the loss. While many insurance companies protect against losses from direct suppliers and incidents that increase the cost of moving your goods, our Supply Chain Solution provides incomparable risk assessment and engineering advice related to those losses. With the Contingent Time Element Extended (CTEE) and Logistics Extra Cost (LEC) options, you can even extend coverage to your suppliers’ suppliers. You can also use our Sustainability Select® coverage to improve risk, while supporting your sustainability efforts.

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Our broad cyber coverage for property, including damage to data and business interruption, is now expanded with the introduction of Off-Premises Data Services coverage, providing recovery in the event that your data transmission or cloud services are interrupted, anywhere in the world.

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Communicable Disease

This new addition covers costs to clean up, remove and dispose of a communicable disease at your location, plus public relations expenses. It also provides business interruption coverage for loss resulting from the temporary shutdown. Watch the video to learn more.

Miscellaneous Property Coverage

To improve both contract certainty and risk transfer, we’ve consolidated four coverages for miscellaneous-type property into one, simply named “Miscellaneous Property”. For our clients, this means streamlined coverage and enhanced contract certainty. Watch the video to learn more.