London Operations Management Team

You’re not simply a policy number at FM Global. You’re much more.

As a client, you become an owner in our mutual company. So, unlike at most companies, our clients have a voice in how we perform and manage. 

Our rigorous corporate governance programme is made up of a board of directors, eight advisory boards, and five risk management executive councils. But most importantly, board-appointed clients also have a seat on the advisory and regional councils, and provide a vital perspective that inspires our long-term strategy.

  • Philip Johnson

    Managing Director, FM Insurance Co. Ltd.

    Maidenhead, United Kingdom

    Phil Johnson

    Philip is Managing Director, FM Insurance Co. Ltd, and Manager of FM Global’s London Operations. His leadership role is to oversee the delivery of products and services for business written and serviced from the UK, the Middle East and Africa. He is also responsible for overseeing the engineering servicing of all FM Global insured locations within the operation’s territory.

    Prior to his appointment Philip served both as vice president, Operations Manager and as Client Service Manager, where he managed FM Global’s underwriting, client service and client relationship efforts, responsible for ensuring the profit and growth of business written within Northern Europe.

    Philip graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and received an honours bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.

  • Adriano Lanzilotto

    Vice President – Client Service Manager

    Maidenhead, United Kingdom

    Adriano Lanzilotto

    His leadership role is to head the Operations’ underwriting and client service teams to maximise the value delivered to our clients.

    In this position, Adriano is responsible for ensuring retention, profitability and growth of the client’s portfolio written and serviced from FM Global’s operations in UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Middle East and Africa. Prior to his appointment in 2016, Adriano held various underwriting and engineering roles within London Operations. Having started his career with FM Global in 2000 in Italy as a risk consultant, Adriano transitioned to account engineer, where he worked closely with clients to help deliver risk management services, before becoming an account manager in 2010 and assistant client service manager in 2014.

    Adriano is a qualified Chemical Engineer, having received a degree in chemical engineering at the Politecnico of Turin, Italy, with a dissertation on biotechnologies. Adriano is also a Chartered Insurer, having obtained the CII Advanced Diploma in Insurance in 2015.

  • Andrew Bryson

    Vice President – Operations Engineering Manager

    Maidenhead, United Kingdom

    Andrew Bryson

    Based in Windsor, Andrew leads the Operation’s Engineering Team with the goal of ensuring that cost effective client focused risk engineering solutions are delivered efficiently across the breadth of our diverse operational territory which encompasses the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia, Southern Africa and the Middle East.

    In this position Andrew is responsible for all aspects of our engineering product delivery, with a particular focus on the quality and efficiency of our products from the clients’ perspective.

    Prior to his current appointment, Andrew held a number engineering and underwriting roles within FM Global before holding group level Risk Management positions at two major London Operations clients for a total of 9 years. He has travelled extensively, both with FM Global and as a Risk Manager, to establish and reinforce loss prevention policies and implement large risk improvement projects focused on maximising the resiliency of the businesses involved. He originally joined the organisation in 1995 as a field engineer based in the Manchester Office.

    Andy holds a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering from Reading University in the United Kingdom.

  • Chris Pink

    Vice President – Operations Claims Manager

    Maidenhead, United Kingdom

    Chris is the Vice President, Operations Claims Manager. Based in Maidenhead, UK, he is responsible for the management of claims for London Operations' written accounts, as well as Affiliated FM London.

    Additionally, he manages loss adjustment activities within the London Operations' geographical area across Northern Europe, Middle East and Africa providing first-hand experience in the strategic management of large and complex property damage and business interruption losses.

    Prior to his appointment to Operations Claims Manager, Chris served as the London Operations Claims Senior General Adjuster handling a range of complex Property claims.

    Chris graduated from the University of Buckinghamshire with an Honours Degree in Engineering.

  • Mike Bodycombe

    Operations Vice President – Assistant Client Service Manager

    Maidenhead, United Kingdom

    Mike Bodycombe

    Mike is the Assistant Client Service Manager for London Operations.  He is located in Windsor, UK where he provides managerial leadership and underwriting guidance to the London Operations Underwriting and Client Service team.  He is also responsible for helping to ensure the efficient delivery of FM Global’s insurance products in the UK and the Middle East.

    Mike joined FM Global in 2004 as a Field Engineer and has since held a number of Engineering and Underwriting roles.

    He holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Southampton, UK.

  • Owen Lewis

    Operations Vice President – Group Manager Account Engineering

    Maidenhead, United Kingdom

    Owen Lewis

    Based in Windsor, Owen leads the London Operations Account Engineering team, working with clients domiciled within the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Netherlands, the Middle East and Africa. The account engineering team manages the technical consulting relationship with our clients, coordinating risk engineering services to evaluate and manage property risk at facilities worldwide and across their global supply chains. As an integrated part of the client service team, our account engineers work closely with our underwriters to help our clients to develop, prioritise and implement cost effective risk management strategies that protect business value.

    Owen joined FM Global in 2004 as a field engineer in the UK and subsequently transitioned to work as an account engineer in 2006. He has held field and account engineering management roles in the UK since 2014, and previously spent three years on assignment in Singapore leading the Asia Account Engineering team.

    Owen holds a MBA from Imperial College London and an MEng Hons. degree in Civil Engineering from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom.

  • Angela Kelly

    Vice President Human Resources, EMEA and AsiaPacific

    Maidenhead, United Kingdom

    Angela Kelly

    Angela is vice president HR, EMEA and AsiaPacific, based in Maidenhead, UK. Her responsibilities include providing oversight, functional leadership and direction to the EMEA and AsiaPacific HR organisations, to ensure that both corporate and local needs are met. As a member of the human resource leadership team, Angela also provides input and insight into global HR strategies.

    Angela joined the company in 1994 and prior to her appointment served as AVP, international human resource manager and human resource manager, UK operations.

    Angela has a bachelor’s degree in economics and is a member of the chartered institute of personnel and development.