International Codes and Standards

New fire codes that standardise fire protection throughout India are now in place.

In Brazil, the resiliency of the industrial sector is stronger today than ever. A new national fire code is in place in India. And in China, research discovery is leading to new codes that will help reduce catastrophic loss. FM Global's International Codes and Standards (IC&S) team played an instrumental part in all of these advancements in property protection. The IC&S team is a group of experienced professionals based in both developed and emerging markets throughout the world. It is dedicated to a singular purpose to strengthen building codes and standards for the benefit of our clients.

The team engages with government authorities, research institutions and advocacy groups to promote, codify and implement safer standards that will make our clients more resilient by preventing costly property losses—particularly from fire. These collaborative efforts have led to significant strides in Asia, Latin America and Europe.

To learn more about the International Codes and Standards team and their collaborative accomplishments in India, Mexico, Brazil and elsewhere, go to Windows of Opportunity for Positive Change, the team's report of 2017 activities.

For further information about the group's efforts, contact International Codes and Standards.