Climate Change

Our world's climate is changing. The planet is warming, and weather patterns are shifting. Climate change science is complex, and researchers at FM Global continue to evaluate the implications of natural catastrophes and develop innovative methods and practical engineering solutions to improve our client's resilience. As climate change evolves, these FM Global engineering solutions continue to effectively protect our clients' assets.

There is no definitive scientific evidence that climate change has or will increase the severity or frequency of natural catastrophes. Nor can any individual event to date be solely attributed to climate change given the high degree of natural variability. Current changes in the climate, however, include increasing global mean surface temperature and rising sea levels. Sea level rise in particular has the potential to increase coastal flooding hazards in the future. As these changes evolve, property loss from natural catastrophes has been, and will continue to be, increasingly costly due to three main factors:

  • The rise in world population and associated value at risk.
  • The increasing vulnerability due to globalisation of business and growth of outsourcing.
  • The rapid development of emerging markets which are less resilient.

Combined, these developments contribute to an increasingly fragile business environment that is more susceptible to disruption and destruction by natural disasters. As the climate changes, FM Global will continue to work closely with its clients, research collaborators, as well as code and standards organisations to adapt as needed to make businesses more resilient.