FM Global in the UK

In 1963, the factory mutual (FM) insurance companies across the USA identified a need for a presence in the UK to support their clients who were expanding their operations overseas. They collaborated on this venture and in 1963 FM Insurance Company Limited was established. Based in Lime Street, London, and operating as Factory Mutual International (FMI), it provided the FM companies with the local knowledge and expertise required to service their clients’ UK-based requirements.

During the 1970s, 80s and early 90s FMI grew and expanded internationally, continuing to provide sales, underwriting and loss prevention engineering and insurance services primarily to international subsidiaries of clients domiciled in North American and Canada.

By 1987, through a series of consolidations, the 42 FM companies in the USA had reduced to three – Allendale Mutual Insurance Company, Arkwright Mutual Insurance Company and Protection Mutual Insurance Company and together they were co-owners of FM Insurance Company Limited.

In 1995 the three FM companies set up independent operations in the UK, with the existing FM Insurance Company Limited continuing to provide support services to these operations.

In 1999 the four operations merged to form FM Global, which has gone from strength to strength as a unique offer in the commercial property insurance market

In 2010 FM Global celebrated its 175th anniversary.