Client learning solutions

Client learning solutions

Whether it’s online or in the classroom, FM Global has a variety of client training seminars designed to enhance your understanding of risk so you can make more informed decisions on how to protect your property.

From business continuity management and natural hazard protection to implementing a hot work management programme throughout your organisation, FM Global training is based on the most up-to-date research and is designed to assist you in understanding your hazards and complement and support your risk management efforts, at both a facility and company-wide level.

Informative seminars and webinars

FM Global's cost-effective seminars and webinars – most available exclusively to clients address fire, explosion, natural hazards and equipment-related hazards that pose a threat to facilities as well as broader risk management issues. These programmes are updated regularly to reflect current loss trends and client needs.

Online training

Our online training resources make it easy for you to get loss prevention and risk management training for you and your plant staff – webinars, e-learning, podcasts and videos – is free, available to all clients, at your convenience, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Podcasts and Vodcasts

Short, downloadable podcast files explain the “how to” of loss prevention.

Vodcasts or short videos demonstrate how to use key equipment to manage common hazards at your facility.

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Customised programmes

FM Global can work with you to develop training resources that address the unique needs of your organisation and create a focused learning experience for your employees. Customised solutions can include seminars, podcasts, webinars, e-learning modules – or a combination of any of these.

We also have some courses and podcasts which are publically available.

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