A unique company

Four ways we're unique

There are four differences that make FM Global unique. They all offer powerful benefits to our clients.

1. We believe that most property loss is preventable

We believe that most property loss is preventable

FM Global clients share our belief that the majority of property loss is preventable. As a result, we are able to work together to develop innovative, cost-effective property risk management solutions. » moreWhile most insurance companies treat losses as inevitable and simply seek to finance them as they occur, we don't. By taking practical steps to protect your properties from major loss, we can protect your business continuity, enhance your ability to supply customers and safeguard your shareholder value. The inevitable reduction in losses allows us to reward you further with more insurance capacity, broader coverage, and competitive policy terms and conditions.

2. Mutuality has its rewards

Mutuality has its rewards

FM Insurance Company Limited in the UK is 100% owned by Factory Mutual Insurance Company, a mutual company owned by and accountable to its policyholders. » more

As part of the FM Global Group our clients enjoy the benefits afforded by the mutual status of our parent company. We have no outside investors or shareholders, so we tolerate volatility better and can take a longer term view. Through purposeful interaction at every level we continue to identify our clients' evolving needs and seek to enhance our products and services to meet those needs. The superior results arising from our clients' dedication to loss prevention have made it possible for us to return more than US$2.1 billion to our clients since 2001 through membership credits.

Client service and strong relationships are hallmarks of mutual ownership and at FM Global the needs of our clients and those of the company are closely aligned. Our mutual structure also allows us to take a long-term strategic view, helping us to tolerate market volatility in our operating results and enabling us to provide clients with large, stable insurance capacity.

3. Dual delivery capability

Dual delivery capability

Our dual delivery capability allows us to sell, underwrite and service both direct and brokered clients, offering a choice that doesn't exist with most carriers. We are conscious of the need to maintain a » morecompetitive edge, with highly-skilled sales and service people and the best possible products and services.

4. A single focus, a sole purpose

A single focus, a sole purpose

You can be confident that you are working with a specialist whose capital, research, engineering, underwriting and claims expertise is entirely dedicated to the commercial property insurance » morebusiness. Unlike multi-line carriers who may occasionally be tempted to divert capital and energy to more profitable lines, we are one hundred percent committed to commercial property. This specialty focus ensures both the commitment and the expertise required to service our demanding, top-tier clients. We strive to be the best at what we do because commercial property is all we do.